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Moving home is hard work. So follow these tips to make it as stress-free as possible…

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Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences of modern life, unbelievably more so than a relationship breakup or job loss. Knowing what to expect from experts across the moving process before you go through it, may help to get you one step closer to your happily ever after. So, here are some tips from the experts to help guide you through the process.

Expert moving tip- Solicitor

Our top advice for anyone who is going to buy a home is to first of all actually instruct a solicitor, So actually go and find yourself a legal expert.

You need to find somebody who’s got the right legal expertise and has the experience of dealing with buying and selling houses.

You need a solicitor to obviously check the title and make sure that there are no issues on there that could stop you using the properties in a particular way.

Expert moving tip – Surveyor

I think one of the big misunderstandings that’s out there, is that when buyers apply for their mortgage and the lender sends the surveyor out, that surveyor’s only doing an evaluation- it’s only for the lender to decide of the lender can lend to you. What it is not doing is providing a survey, it is not telling the buyer about that property; whether it has any major defects that you need to know about.

Lots of different people call themselves surveyors, it’s worth knowing that only a qualified chartered surveyor can provide you with an RICS home survey.

If and when you do make the decision to buy, knowing what financial options are open to you will be key.

Expert moving tip- Moving day

At any cost, if you can, avoid moving on a Friday, because Friday is the most stressful day all these big sums of money get moving. If it doesn’t happen, you might be homeless for the weekend.

Move during the week and home movers and removal vans are a lot cheaper then. Move earlier in the week, take a few days off and enjoy your new home.

Expert moving tip- Insurance

Many people buy buildings insurance for the amount that they’ve paid for the property, but that usually isn’t the right sum insured.

What you need to insure for is the rebuilding value and there’s usually a big difference between the rebuilding value and the sale price. In many parts of the country the rebuilding value will be a lot less than the sale price, so you don’t need as much insurance as you’ve paid for the property.

When it comes to buying a house there’s lots and lots of things to think about, it can be daunting and it can be scary. So, going online and looking at all the different products in one place is a real help because it puts everything in front of you and you can take your time, study the details and come to the right decision.

When you do make the decision to buy- take your time, do your research and talk to the experts. This planning and preparation can really help to pave the way to a swifter and more confident happily ever after.

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