Expert advice for surviving lost luggage

Earlier this year, MoneySuperMarket sent prominent travel writers on holiday without any luggage, as part of the #MSMLostLuggage challenge.

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With up to 15% of all Travel insurance claims being luggage-related, we asked them to offer some advice for surviving lost luggage based on their own experiences.

Nellie Huang


Nellie Huang runs adventure travel site Wild Junket, and has written for publications including National Geographic, CNN and BBC Travel

“My main tip would be to choose your airplane outfit carefully – comfort should be your priority and wear a light jacket (always go for layers!) even if you’re going somewhere hot, in case the temperature drops at night. I also recommend wearing proper walking shoes rather than sandals or flip flops in case the weather changes.

“My go-to travel shoes are covered sandals that slip on and off very easily and work really well whether I’m hiking or doing water sports.”

Abigail King


Abigail King runs popular travel blog Inside the Travel Lab, and has worked with the BBC, Stylist, Lonely Planet and National Geographic

“Take a photo of your luggage before you travel – it’s so much easier to get the details from this to fill in those lost luggage forms. While you’re at it, take a photo of all your important travel documents, too, and back those up in the cloud.

“You can also download guidebooks, apps, books, magazines, films, TV shows, everything. These can be a great help while you wait in the airport, queuing to fill in your forms, and also once you finally get out and about if you were relying on paperwork stored in your luggage.”

Iain Mallory


Iain Mallory travelled the world as part of the Army Physical Training Corps, and highly qualified in (amongst other things) mountaineering, skiing, kayaking and diving. He now runs Mallory on Travel.

“Make sure you carry all essentials on you, especially passport, money, phone, medication if you take any and I’d include toothbrush/toothpaste and suncream. A messenger bag or similar works well for this.”

Becky Padmore


Becky Padmore runs Global Grasshopper, a magazine and resource for independent travellers which aims to discover the world’s most underrated and beautiful places

“Make sure you pack some essentials (contact lenses, camera etc.) in your carry-on case and then just buy a few things you need when you get to your destination. If you're staying in a hotel make use of all the freebies they have on offer (like toiletries, use of a hairdryer etc.) and then head to the local shops to get all the essentials you need so it won't spoil your trip!”

Lucy Dodsworth


Lucy Dodsworth is a freelance editor and designer who seeks to combine travelling on a budget part-time with family life. She shares her experiences through her blog, On The Luce.

“Choose your travel outfit carefully – go for layers and unless you’re going somewhere with guaranteed sunshine I’d wear some decent shoes rather than sandals or flip flops which are easier to replace.

“Make sure your checked in bags are well labelled – it’s a good idea to have a piece of paper with your name and contact details inside the bag too in case the luggage tag falls off. Make sure you have decent travel insurance in case the worst does happen.”

Brenna Holeman


Brenna Holeman has been exploring the world since 2006, writing about what it feels like to be a traveler on her blog, My Battered Suitcase

“It can be really expensive to lose your luggage, so making sure to have adequate travel insurance is always important. Something I always do when travelling is to pack a change of clothes in my carry-on so that, if my luggage is lost, I at least have clothing for the next day.

“If I'm heading somewhere with a beach, I always make sure to pack my swimming costume in my carry-on as well.”

Vicky Philpott


Vicky Philpott runs travel and festival blog, VickyFlipFlopTravels, and has worked with some of the UK’s biggest travel magazines and brands.

“Make sure to label your luggage before you fly, with your destination, name and number. That way if the worst does happen at least they have something to go on. Also, stay calm and enjoy the freedom!”

Jonny Blair


Jonny Blair is a published author, and runs “the longest running one man travel guide to all seven continents”, Don’t Stop Living. He has visited 117 countries on his journey.

“If you do lose your luggage, don't worry, don't let it get you down and get on with your travels as normal. Little things beyond our control should not affect us in the short term. Then, later down the line, we can concentrate on getting our belongings back and money and claims from the companies that let us down. In short, don't let it ruin your travels in any way.”

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