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Keen to go green? We’ve negotiated an exclusive low-cost deal with leading green energy supplier, LoCO2.

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Priced at just £850* for 12 months for a typical family, this market-leading deal is the cheapest fixed-rate dual fuel (gas and electricity) tariff where 100% of the electricity portion is guaranteed to be green.

This guarantee means that LoC02 will feed green electricity into the National Grid to match precisely the electricity used by its customers on this tariff.

The gas portion of the tariff is 10% green. The green gas industry is still in its relative infancy, so the focus remains on electricity at present. There’s more on how the green energy market works below.

Whether you’re wedded to the environmentalist cause or not, the LoC02 Planet Green MSM fixed tariff is an attractive proposition.

The £850 annual price for an average household compares to the average price for a standard variable tariff from the Big Six energy supplier of £1.063 a year†.

That’s a prospective saving of £214 a year.

The cheapest green tariff currently on the market is from Bulb. This is priced at £845, but it is a variable rate tariff, which means the price per unit of energy can rise and fall at any point.

A fixed tariff guarantees that the price paid for each unit of energy will not change during the term of the deal.

Note that if you change to another supplier during the 12-month LoC02 Planet Green MSM fix, you’ll pay a £25 exit fee per fuel.

A special ‘thank you’ from us

In addition to the great price, those who take out the Planet Green MSM tariff can choose one of the following three offers:

  • A night’s free stay for two in one of over a 100 carefully-selected hotels in stunning locations throughout the UK
  • 15 free albums from a choice of thousands on our dedicated HMV site (one album per month for 15 months)
  • 12 free DVDs from a selection of over100 via zoom.co.uk (one DVD per month for 12 months).

You’ll be able to select your offer once you've signed up for the Planet Green MSM tariff and received a welcome email from LoCO2. Terms and conditions apply.

Shopping around for energy

When you run an energy quote with MoneySuperMarket, we ask you for a few details about your property, how many adults live there, and how much energy you use (we can estimate if you don’t have a bill handy).

We use this information to get prices from energy providers, which we rank in order of the estimated annual cost to you, with the cheapest first.

The position of the Planet Green MSM Fix will vary according to where you live, the type of property you live in, your household and your energy use.

Why go green?

The energy we use to heat and power our homes is produced mainly by burning fossil fuels, such as coal.

But deep concern about the environmental impact of using fossil fuels to generate electricity, as well as the fact they will eventually run out, has created greater interest in alternative and renewable sources of energy.

Renewable energy is generated from sustainable sources, such as the wind and the sun, which means it won’t run out. It’s also kinder to the environment because it doesn’t produce carbon dioxide.

At the moment, about a quarter of UK electricity is generated from renewable sources. But we produce only a tiny percentage of ‘green’ gas.  We are therefore some way off the EU target to deliver 15% of the UK’s energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020.

Consumers who want to help build a more eco-friendly future have two options.

They can either generate their own renewable energy, perhaps with the help of a government scheme such as the Renewable Heat Incentive, or they can sign up to a green energy tariff such as LoCO2’s Planet Green MSM deal.

LoCO2 generates its own hydropower at 10 sites across the UK and buys both gas and electricity from independent UK generators.

Note that other environmentally friendly tariffs are available from energy companies such as Ecotricity and Good Energy.

The so-called Big Six suppliers (British Gas, EDF, Eon, nPower, Scottish Power and SSE) no longer offer green tariffs to new customers.

Green electricity

When you sign up to a green tariff, the electricity supply to your home still comes from the National Grid, which is fed by both traditional and green generators.

A tariff is classed as ‘green’ when your supplier pledges to match some or all of the electricity you buy with renewable energy, which it then feeds into the national network.

Green energy companies also use money raised by their energy bills to invest in renewable energy projects, helping to deliver a greener and cleaner energy supply in the UK.

You can check a supplier’s green credentials because firms are required by Ofgem, the energy regulator, to publish their fuel mix every year.

Ofgem also recently tightened up the rules on green tariffs amid concerns that consumers were unable to distinguish between green and standard tariffs.

Suppliers must now clearly explain the environmental benefits of a green tariff – and whether it goes above and beyond the supplier’s existing regulatory obligations, which are ultimately paid for by the consumer through costs embedded in energy bills.

Energy firms must also have evidence that verifies the source of the electricity effectively ‘supplied’ in a green tariff.

*Based on dual fuel, monthly direct debit and Ofgem average usage of 12500kwh Gas and 3100kwh Electric averaged across all regions

† The average Big Six standard variable tariff is £1,063, based on monthly direct debit, dual fuel and Ofgem average usage figures on paperless billing.


Please note: any rates or deals mentioned in this article were available at the time of writing. Click on a highlighted product and apply direct.

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