Earn pounds for your old mobile

If you got up to a new mobile phone in your Christmas stocking you might be wondering what to do with the old one. Throw it away, perhaps? Or push it to the back of a drawer ‘just in case’ you need it someday?

Well, there is a third option – you can recycle it and put some money back in your pocket.

There are several web based companies that will take your old mobile phone and give you cash in return. Generally they’ll pay significantly more than the ‘trade-in’ discount you’d receive from a high street retailer.

How does mobile phone recycling work?

By entering the model and make of your handset into a search tool on a mobile phone recycling website it will give you a price for the phone. If you’re happy with the price you provide your contact details and the company will normally send you some packaging so that you can send the phone to them via freepost.

The idea is that once the company has your phone it will ship it abroad and sell it overseas or recycle the component parts. If parts of the phone are totally worthless then the companies dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way preventing toxic substances from damaging the environment.

The better condition your mobile phone is in, the more money you’re likely to earn. If it’s in top-notch condition you could earn in excess of £100 depending on the model. If the handset isn’t in fully working order then chances are you’ll still be offered a reduced price – usually 30-50% below the fully-working price - so it’s well worth visiting these websites and seeing how much money you could make.


Where do you go to recycle your phone?

There are a host of websites to choose from, but moneysupermarket.com has teamed up with Love2Recycle.

At moneysupermarket.com we carried out a comparison to see how much money you would receive for five of the most popular phones on the market in fully working condition – the Nokia N95, the Nokia 6500 Slide, the Sony Ericsson W880i, the LG KE970 Shine and the HTC Touch. The results show that Love2Recycle is the most consistently high payer among the recycling websites across these phone comparisons paying a total of £237 compared to £227.24 from Envirophone and £209.00 from Mopay.

Here are some of the prices you could receive by recycling your old mobile phone in fully working order:

  • Nokia N96 – £195
  • Apple iPhone 16GB – £140
  • Apple iPhone 8GB – £120
  • Samsung I900 – £109
  • Nokia N95 – £105
  • Sony Ericsson P1i – £77
  • Samsung F480 – £65

So if you fancy putting some money back in your pocket while doing your bit for the environment then check out the recycling website now and cash in.

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