Don’t pay the price for high standards

If you’re happy with your current provider’s service but not its pricing, can you enjoy the best of both worlds?

Amid the onslaught of recent price hikes, many unsatisfied customers have been desperately trying to keep pace with which providers offer the cheapest deals so they can make their move.

However, what if you’re perfectly happy with your current provider’s service but aren’t so happy with its pricing?


Well in that case you needn’t abandon your provider’s high standards – but you should abandon its high standard tariffs.


Across each of the ‘big six’ energy providers you can make substantial savings by moving from their regular quarterly payment tariffs to online monthly direct debit deals. The table below illustrates the savings that can be made for each provider including E.ON and Scottish Power the two companies yet to announce price increases (at the time of writing):



(Quarterly Cash or Cheque)

(Monthly Direct Debit)


 British Gas
















 Scottish Power








Source: Figures based on medium consumption (Gas 20,500kwh and Electric 3,300kwh) user. Sourced by on January 24, 2008.


So, no matter which provider you are with, there are significant savings to be made – however, that’s only if you actively make the effort to move to one of these cheaper tariffs.

To complete the move you have two options – you can approach the provider directly and ask to be moved to a cheaper deal, or you can use our gas and electricity comparison tool and compare all the deals available. By clicking through from our tool not only will you secure deals at the same prices as you would by going directly to the provider, but you’ll also earn up to £30 cashback as a bonus.

If you’re happy with your existing provider’s service and you want to stay loyal then do so – but don’t sit on a tariff that’s costing you far more than you need to pay. Make your move now and you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the same service at a cheaper price.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that any rates or deals mentioned in this article applied at the time of writing and may no longer be available/applicable today.


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