Do you know your road signs?

From No Stopping to National Speed Limit, are you up to speed with your road signs?


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When we drive on Britain’s roads we can encounter over 160 road signs and under the provisions of the Highway Code we are expected to know what each and every one means, so how do British motorists measure up?

Sign 1

Man 1: Shock, electricity, I don’t know...

Woman 1: Prone to lightning or lightning might happen around here.

Man 2: Electricity pylons overhead

Sign 2

Woman 2: No entry?

Man 3: It’s the national speed limit.

Man 4: National speed limit?

Sign 3

Man 5: Closed?

Woman 3: No entry.

Woman 2: No stopping.

Sign 4

Man 2: Danger of falling off a cliff edge I think.

Man 1: Deep water? I don’t know.

Woman 4: That’s a pier, you know, your car could go off a pier into the sea?

Sign 5

Man 6: Speed bumps.

Man 5: Speed bumps.

Man 4: Errr, humps in the road.

Sign 6

Man 7: Bridge.

Man 4: Fence.

Woman 5: A crossing, but I don’t know which?

Sign 7

Man 1: Tunnel.

Man 2: There’s a tunnel coming up.

Woman 4: Tunnel.

Sign 8

Woman 6: A duck, probably about a pond though.

Woman 2: Ducks crossing.

Sign 9

Man 3: Airport.

Man 7: Airport.

Woman 4: Airport.

Woman 7: Aeroplanes overhead

Sign 10

Woman 2: So, a one way?

Woman 7 and 8: Dual carriageway!

Woman 6: Motorway.

Sign 11

Man 1: That’s avalanche isn’t it?

Man 2: Danger of rocks falling onto the road.

Woman 4: That’s falling rocks from a cliff.

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