Do I need pet insurance?

The shops are stuffed with egg-shaped chocolates and you can even buy Easter treats for your cats and dogs. But what your four-legged friend really needs is a pet insurance policy so they’re protected if they fall ill. We’ve been back to the Capricorn Animal Rescue to learn more.

Caution! This video contains cute bunnies from the start.

All the animals featured in this video where available for re-homing at the time of filming. Visit Capricorn Animal Rescue for more information.

Felicity Hannah: Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the country after cats and dogs, and its estimated there are well over a million kept as pets in the UK.

If you’re the proud owner of a bunny, we think you should treat it to an insurance policy this Easter. We’ve come to the Capricorn Animal Rescue in North Wales to find out why.

Well, they’re cute but they can cost. Rabbits can live eight years or nine years and, during that time, they are just as likely to get sick as a cat or dog and the Vets bills can run into hundreds of pounds

Sheila Stewart, who runs this animal rescue, is here to tell us a little bit about just how much that can cost and what kind of things can go wrong with Rabbits.

Shelia Stewart: Rabbits are very prone to tumours, cysts, ovarian cyst especially, mammary tumours.

There are also diseases like viral hemorrhagic disease, and of course myxomatosis, both of which are deadly. They can survive them especially if they are vaccinated, but it is a lot of Vets bills up front to get them through it if they do get those illnesses.      

Felicity Hannah: So you can see why insurance is a must for any responsible owner. Policies are very cheap, especially for young, healthy animals.

But, as with any insurance cover, don’t just go for the cheapest option. Basic cover gives you some protection but it doesn’t necessarily provide against long-term problems, and if your insurance policy won’t protect against those, you’ll find it very difficult to get cover elsewhere with a Rabbit with an existing condition.

It’s worth paying a bit more for a lifetime or lifelong policy, so your pet is protected no matter what.

You can see a directory of pet insurers and buy cover on the website.

One other thing to remember at Easter is that chocolate is poison to cats and dogs. So, don’t be tempted to give them bits of your Easter eggs, it’s not a treat, it could make them very sick.

If you want to give them chocolate, buy some of those special animal-friendly choc treats from your pet shop, Jess certainly enjoyed the ones we brought for her.

Whatever your pet, having insurance in place means you can get it treated when it needs help – and not worry about the bills.

If you don’t have a rabbit, then don’t be tempted to impulse buy one for your kids this Easter – think really carefully about whether you can afford the bills, the care and the time they take. If you can’t, then stick with one of these this Easter.

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