Cut your energy bills - no matter which tariff you choose

With npower increasing its standard tariffs last week and British Gas expected to follow suit within days, consumers are frantically searching for ways to cut their energy bills.


The overriding message of course, is that you should be using a gas and electricity comparison tool, such as ours, to find the cheapest deal available in your area and move to it as quickly as possible.

However, regardless of which tariff you choose there are other ways to cut your energy bills. Above all, you should simply be more frugal with the way you use energy around the home.

Statistics from British Gas have suggested that the British public wastes as much as £5million of energy every year. Indeed the average household could save around £200 annually on its energy bills just by making some simple adjustments.

With that in mind, here are five of my top tips:

Tip one: check your thermostat.
Turning your thermostat down by just one degree could cut your heating bills by as much as 10%. For most, setting the thermostat at 23°C is adequate.

Tip two: invest in a lagging jacket and insulation.
Insulating your pipes and your boiler will require expenditure – however, this should pay for itself within a few months. Loft insulation can cut heat loss by 25%.

Tip three: use energy-saving light bulbs.
Energy-saving light bulbs are a great money saver – reducing your lighting costs by as much as £78 over the lifetime of a bulb.

Tip four: close doors and heat sensibly
Closing doors and heating occupied rooms only can help reduce your energy consumption and cost.

Tip five: standby off!
Standby can use anything from 10-60% of the electricity a device would use if it was left on, so switch those little lights off.

These are just a handful of money-saving tips - for more ideas check out our energy saving tips guide.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that any rates or deals mentioned in this article applied at the time of writing and may no longer be available/applicable today.

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