What car would you buy if you won the lottery?

Ever wondered what car you’d get if money were no object? Here are five glorious machines for when your numbers come up...

Peter Brook: We’ve been fortunate enough to deal with a few lottery winners over the years, and they are normally very excited, and it’s always a pleasure to deal with them because they’re very enthusiastic. They’ve always had a dream car and normally it’s been around one of five different models.


Ferrari is just top of the shop because I think it’s everybody’s dream car. If you’ve got any petrol in your veins then Ferrari has got to be right up there and they’ve got some fantastic models in the range at the moment.

Anybody who’s involved in the motoring press, I think the Ferrari 458 is seen as their No.1 super car. It’s not necessarily because it’s the quickest, but just as an all-round package- fantastic.

Anybody with a family, try a California. It’s got four seats, convertible, very easy to drive but again loads of prestige and drives so so well.


Porsche is a very popular model, it’s a known quantity, very reliable, German engineering and you really can’t go wrong with that. The new turbo at the moment is exceptionally fast, and I mean you are talking 200mph in a breath. Four wheel drive as well- very safe from the roads in the UK, which can be very greasy. Again seats four people, little bit of a squeeze in the back but again you can’t beat German engineering.


Lottery winners love Bentleys and again it’s just the English heritage, and especially with the four seaters, maybe for an older gentleman you want a driver and you have the pleasure of sitting in the back and the Bentley ride there’s nothing like it. Plus, you get the engine noise and everything else.

The V8 is the intermediate one in the range of the continental GT and that’s by far in a way the most popular that Bentley actually sell at the moment because it does a sentinel amount to the gallon- talking early twenties so still not too thirsty and offers almost all of the performance of the V12.


Lottery winners, when it comes down to their next choice- Lamborghini. If you really want something that’s ostentatious, in your face, then that has got to be the model to have. It’s the noise, the sound, the history; you can’t be a shrinking violet when you’re driving a Lamborghini.

There’s a couple of models in the range out today which I particularly like; I think the Gallardo has been the most popular, but actually now that model range is actually coming to an end and its being replaced by a new model that’ll be launched in Geneva.

Historically the Lamborghini, the Miura and the Countach; they were seen as rather high maintenance and not particularly reliable but the brand is now owned by Audi and there’s a lot of German technology that goes into it- and German-built technology as well.

But if you’re feeling particularly flash and you’ve done very well on the lottery, the Aventador has got to be the car to have, and now they do a soft top version of it as well- it just looks spectacular.

Golf GTI

Harking back to their youth there maybe was a car they lusted after, and at the time they couldn’t afford. Things that we all wanted when lusted after when we were children reading Motor Magazine etc. Mark Zuckerberg has gone out and bought himself a Golf GTI which is obviously something he fancied when he was young but I guess now he’s a billionaire he can have what he wants.


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