Car insurance: Do men or women claim more?

Ever got into a row with your other half about driving habits? We hit the streets of Mold in Flintshire to ask the public their view on whether men or women make the most at-fault claims on their car insurance. And with MoneySuperMarket data from over 11m at-fault claims, we’ve got the answer too...

Voiceover: It’s that age old question; who are better drivers, guys or gals. We hit the streets to find out what you think.

Who makes the most at fault claims on their car insurance?

“Probably men”
“Probably say women”
“On a whole I’d probably say men”
“I think men”
“Men and women, I think it’s equal”
“I would have thought men”
“Men I would say”
“I think women”

Voiceover: The actual answer is that women are more likely to make an at fault claim than men. In fact women make a whopping 15% more claims...

“I think that’s because the men have driven the women to having accidents”
“That’s surprising, yes”
“I’m shocked”
“I just think maybe women get nervous and people make them have those accidents”
“That’s crazy I didn’t know that I’m shocked”
“I’m quite surprised about that I would have thought it was men”

Voiceover: However when men make a claim, it’s much more expensive...

“Men are more aggressive drivers so possibly they are doing more damage”
“Car wise if it can get us from A to B we’re happy whereas men perhaps try to spend a bit on the actual cars themselves like getting all the alloys, different things, Radios, CDs everything like that as well so it’s probably that they’re putting in more cost of the actual details of the car”
“Men on the whole are probably more likely to take on mechanical jobs on their own cars more than women would”
“If something major happens to their precious car they might put in a claim but then tmuch more easy going about the smaller things”
“Men are less likely to claim because of their no claims bonus”
“Women are more bumps and scrapes whereas men is dangerous driving”
“Well that was a woman who hit me!”

Voice over: Motorists taking to the roads after an at-fault accident could see their insurance premiums hike by more than 8%. Insurers all have different ways of pricing and some might be more lenient than others. Check out our website and see how much you can save.

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