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In this day and age, there’s a justifiable argument against needing a fixed phone line. Many people are more than happy to use their mobile phone for the bulk of calls and some don’t even know their home number as they use their landline so infrequently.

Unfortunately, for the bulk of fixed line broadband you do in fact need a home phone line as it’s transmitted through the standard copper telephone network. If you really want to get around the ‘line rental tax’.

Here are some of your options...

Virgin media

Virgin Media is the only widely available broadband service where you don’t need a fixed phone line. VM uses its own cable network that operates independently from the BT telephone network – meaning you can get much faster speeds than you’ll get from BT – that includes BT’s fibre product ‘infinity’.

Unfortunately though, VM is not the cheapest of broadband so unless speed is paramount to you it might be cheaper just to get a phone line with another provider – even if you don’t use it.

Mobile Broadband

If you’re a light user it might be worth giving mobile broadband a go. Mobile broadband works using the same networks as your mobile phone – so if you’re in an area with decent 3G or 4G coverage it could be an option worth venturing. It could also be a great short term solution as 30 day rolling contracts are available.

Obviously this sort of broadband is much slower than fixed line broadband and be careful as data is limited on these plans so you could be charged for going over your limits.

Satellite broadband

If you’re somewhere with sketchy mobile reception then you could opt for satellite broadband. The clue’s in the name: broadband is delivered by a satellite pinpointed to anywhere on the globe. This service has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and now delivers a service that rivals some fixed line broadband services.

Unfortunately though satellite broadband can be quite expensive as you’ll need some rather specific kit to set it up.

To find out more and compare broadband providers and speeds in your area, why not try a quick search on our broadband channel:

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