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These days, having a strong broadband connection at home is extremely important, with many seeing their broadband as their fourth essential utility - alongside water, gas and electric.

You might find it hard to believe, but broadband availability and speed can actually have an effect on property prices, so it's something you really should be aware of - whether youre buying or selling a home.

Step 1 - check with your existing provider

If you choose to change providers when you move house, make sure you're out of contract, if youre not you could get hit with a hefty bill and have to pay out the remaining months of your contract.

Speak to your existing provider first and if theyre available in the area that youre moving to it might be easier and cheaper to stick with them and then move when youre contract is up for renewal

Step 2 - do your research

When youre house hunting its essential you check the coverage and providers available in the area youre looking.

Use a broadband availability checker, like the one youll find on to see which providers cover your new area.

Also, if youre able speak to the current owners or the estate agents of the property about their connection, who their current provider is and what sort of levels of connectivity they get.

Theres nothing more frustrating than moving into your dream home and finding you've got little or no internet. All of a sudden that dream home turns into something of a nightmare.

Step 3 - consider a bundle

If you find yourself switching to a new provider, consider bundling your TV, broadband and phone together. This way youll only have one bill and youll usually get a much better deal by bundling all your services with one provider.

Different providers offer different services at different costs though so make sure you do your research and choose the right provider for you.

Step 4 - consider new provider set up times

Setting up a broadband account with a new provider can be a time consuming process, so if you need the internet for work or cant live without being connected to the world wide web, then it will

have to be factored in. When shopping around ask the provider to confirm a switch on date, it may affect your decision. Check with your new provider to see if theres anything they can do to ease the transition a mobile broadband dongle for example could keep you going whilst youre waiting for your new connection to be installed.

Step 5 - look for incentives

Predominantly new customers will get the best deals on broadband and incentives like cashback or Amazon/Tesco/Marks and Spencer vouchers are fairly common. Make the transition easier and nab yourself a little windfall at the same time.

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