Britain’s best-loved cars

From Mondeos to Minis, we take a look at Britain’s best-loved cars…

There is no argument that we Brits love our cars.

Whether they are taking us to and from work, being cramped full of kids on the school run or giving us a thrill down a country lane, we are very attached to our own personal transport.

But which cars does Britain love the most? Let’s find out.

Ford Mondeo

It might have been designed in Germany and made in Belgium but with nearly 1.5million of them sold in the UK the Mondeo feels as British as Steak and Ale pie.

It’s no surprise we love it either, the current model might be overdue for replacement, but it’s still the most enjoyable car in its segment to drive.

Volvo V70

If the Mondeo is the everyman’s family car, the Volvo V70 is something a little bit more upmarket.

Cherished by the Margo’s and Jerry’s off the world, we love a good Volvo estate and the bigger the better.

The current V70 carries on the family tradition beautifully, with a svelte, unassuming exterior and nicely designed cabin and, of course, a swimming pool sized boot.

It’s no wonder that families are in love with their Volvos.

VW Golf

Big cars aren’t for everyone though and when it comes to choosing a small hatchback, it has to be a Golf.

With an almost classless image, the Golf really does fit in anywhere, and thanks to a wide range of options there is one for every budget. There is even a racy GTI, a sun loving convertible and a roomy estate. So, it no surprise that so many Golfs have found new partners.

Skoda Yeti

If hatchbacks are the traditional choice, its cross overs that are now Britain’s wanted other halves and one of the best examples is Skoda’s Yeti.

With chunky looks, genuine off-road capability, and build quality that will put German rivals to shame, this is no whirl wind romance, in fact, we can’t get enough of them in Britain.

With recent figures suggesting Yeti’s hold onto more of their value than almost any other car on sale, there is no need for pre-nups here!


But, if there is one car that we have a particular fondness for in Britain, it’s the Mini.

It may now be a little bit German, but cheeky retro looks inside and out, plenty of personalisation options and that ‘oh so’ desirable badge, have helped make the reborn British icon such a popular partner.

The fact that it is great fun to drive and fairly cheap to run, mean that this is one relationship that should stand the test of time.

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