Boost your home security

What are the most important aspects when considering the contents and security of your home? We spoke to Ian Davies of the insurance company Privilege to find out...

Ian Davies: The most important aspect, when considering your home insurance, is to make sure your contents that is insured is adequately covered.

Making sure that everything in your home is valued, at Privilege we do offer new for old cover, but insuring that items of value are listed and covered appropriately, jewellery and watches and items that you use for hobbies such as fishing equipment, golf equipment and peddle cycles and these are actually very valuable to thieves.

Consider your physical security

Physical security is really important, mortice deadlock on the doors, key operated window locks on the windows and an alarm system might be something to consider and we’d always recommend a British kite standard alarm system.

Looking at things like outdoor security, so considering your garage and out buildings, those tend to be weak spots within the property, burglars tend to see these as easy opportunity areas and the physical security on these building is really important, so, padlocks and also deadlocks.

Stay secure while you’re away

The time of years is really important as well, so during the summer months people tend to be away on holiday, during the winter people tend to leave lots of valuable items such as Christmas presents and the like, and will also go away on holiday.

Make sure you cancel the milk order, insure a trusted neighbour, make sure they look after the house and keeps watch for you.

Making sure that people don’t advertise they are going away, what we tend to see at Privilege is people using Facebook as a medium to advertise their holiday periods, I think people need to think really carefully their information they are putting out there on the online space

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