Become a BBQ king or queen with our 4 sizzling tips

Don't be a silly sausage, follow these tips and boss that BBQ!

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Become the BBQ King or Queen!

Tip One – BYOB

That’s bring your own burgers/bangers/bread or beer. Give each guest a specific item to bring with them then you can focus on the sides, dressings and salads.

Tip Two – Grab a Gadget!

A charcoal chimney costs around £10 and makes your food taste great as there’s no need for lighter fluids or other accelerants.

Tip Three – Suns Out, Buns Out!

Buy food and drink before you need it. After a few rather British washout weekends barbeque food and items will be on sale. Buy it, freeze it and use it when the weather picks up.

Tip Four – Have a Butchers!

See what deals your local butcher can cut you. You might get more for your money and your butcher can offer you cheaper/less common cuts of meat which taste just as good, but for less!

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