Battle of the sexes: tyre change challenge

Our editor-in-chief, Clare Francis and head of publishing, Dan Bolger take to the MoneySupermarket HQ car park to find out who can change a tyre the quickest (and who can do it right)...

How to change a tyre

If you suffer a flat tyre, pull over in a safe place with a level, hard surface.

Step one:

Switch off the engine, turn on your hazard lights and apply the handbrake (or place the car in parking ‘P’ mode if automatic).

Step two:

Remove the spare and any tools from the boot and then place the jack in the vehicle’s recommended jacking point, making sure the jacking point properly engages, and then extend the jack until you feel the car lift slightly on its springs. Check the manual if you’re at all unsure where the jacking point is.

Step three:

Loosen the wheel nuts using the vehicle’s wheel brace and locking wheel nut adaptor, if required, making sure to brace your body when the wheel nut ‘cracks’.

Step four:

With the nuts slightly loosened, you can then fully jack the car so the wheel is just clear of the ground. Remove the nuts and keep the wheel in place using your knee or toes until both hands are free to remove the wheel.

Step five:

Once the wheel is off, place the spare wheel on and secure it in place by loosely fitting the top nut first and then loosely fit the remaining nuts.

Step six:

Carefully lower the car so the wheel touches the ground before fully tightening the nuts in a diagonal sequence.

Step seven:

With the nuts tightened, place the tools and damaged wheel in the carrier or boot-well ,and you’re good to go.

Step eight:

At the first opportunity, check the tyre pressure of the wheel you have just fitted to make sure it is correct and get the damaged tyre replaced as soon as possible.

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