Battle of the sexes THE FINAL: driving test challenge

The last of the battle of the sexes series sees the girls go up against the boys in the ultimate driving challenge...retaking your driving test! Who will prove calm and ace their test again? Who's picked up bad habits and is no longer up to scratch?

Welcome to MoneySuperMarket’s battle of the sexes the final.

The driving test

For the boys-
Les (that’s me), Karl and Drew.

For the girls –
Chloe, Marian and Emma.

81 years driving experience between them, a quarter of that’s mine, so let’s go.

What’s the challenge?

Instructor – “So, we’re going to drive in total around about 20 minutes, give or take, depending on what traffic we step behind. We’re going to drive on a variety of speed roads. If I don’t say anything just assume as you would do on your test and just go ahead. I will get you to do a manoeuvre, I won’t tell you what it is just yet, but I’ll be getting you to do one of those.  If I ask you to do something you don’t understand, or my accent or whatever, then just ask me to repeat it, it’s no problem.” 

How well do you think you will do?

Drew: “Almost definitely fail”
Emma: “It will be interesting to see what bad habits I have now, that I’ve forgotten about.”
Karl: “My main concern is that it’s going to be so bad that he might actually revoke my licence.”
Marian: “Probably fail, but I’d like to think that I might have a chance.”
Chloe: “I’m not so sure, I’m going to have to watch my speed, on this.
Les: “I should have enough experience to get me through, but being test conditions, you never know.

Buckle up!

Let the test begin…

Instructor: So when you’re ready then, drive out when it’s safe to do so. Out of the car park and then turn right please.
If you could take the next road on the right please?
We’ve got this on Camera mate, you do know that don’t you?
If you could just pull up on the left here, just before me get to this bin if you would please?
Ok, so what I would like you to do, is turn the car around and face the opposite direction.
Use the forward and reverse gears ok?
Back to the end of the road and turn left, please. Then, at the roundabout we’ll turn right and we’ll go round to the fourth exit.

The Results…

Instructor: For the result I’m pleased to say you’ve passed. (Pass)
Emma: Brilliant!
Instructor: In terms of the result of the test, I’m sorry to say you wouldn’t have passed. (Fail)
Karl: Oh no!
Instructor: I’m going to say, congratulations- you passed. (Pass)
Marian: Ooh, brilliant!
Instructor: I’m just going to say that you wouldn’t have passed. (Fail)
Instructor: I’m sorry to say you wouldn’t have passed. (Fail)
Instructor: In terms of the result of the test, unfortunately you wouldn’t have passed. (Fail)

So, the result of the driving test challenge- the girls are the winners. Yet again. There they are looking jubilant. Look at that bunch of losers, clear off. 

Final scores.

So, the final scores- 4-1, the girls win the series.

So, in the battle of the sexes, MoneySuperMarket style, the girls are the outright winners, well done ladies.

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