Battle of the sexes: the dipstick challenge

In the second part of our battle of the sexes series, we look at who’s on top of their oil levels and who has left their motor running on empty. Who’ll win? The men or women?

Welcome back to MoneySuperMarket for round two of battle of the sexes, this week it’s the Dipstick challenge. The rules are simple – enough oil in your engine you get a point, not enough oil you get BFH (Bus fare home), you’re going to need it.

For the girls this week we have a Mini, a Ford Kuga and a Vauxhall Astra.

For the boys it’s a Volkswagen Polo, a Ford Focus and it’s a mini.

Let’s see how we get on, here goes, round 1. 

Here goes the mini, with its unconventional red dipstick there, let’s see what this maverick mini’s got. There’s the pull, the wipe, the re-dip, it’s good. That’s 1-0 to the girls.

So, up for the boys it’s the Polo. The more conventional yellow handle there, I’ve got high hopes for the German here. Here’s the wipe, oh missed the hole, there we go, re-dip and as expected a lovely clean finish from the German there, It’s 1-1.

Next up for the girls it’s the Ford Kuga, the boy’s toy that likes toy boys; as no one ever said, ever. You can have that one Ford, if you want. Shorter dipstick than expected there, the oil looks a little black, we’ll come out with the re-dip, it’s good. Yep, that’s 2-1 to the girls.

Car 4, for the boys. The reg says VNW but you’re not fooling anyone with that sound-alike, it’s a clapped out old focus, here goes.  Will this old engine deliver? Here’s the wipe, the re-dip. The tension’s palpable now, will it? It’s good, It’s 2-2, there’s the equaliser.

Next up for the girls, it’s the Vauxhall Astra. Good results here and the ladies can’t lose. There’s the pull-out, a shorter dipstick than expected, but size is not an issue in this game, it’s about what goes on under the bonnet. There it is there’s the pull, It’s good, it’s 3-2 and the ladies can’t lose, so let’s see what the fellas have got.

Finally for the boys, it’s the mini. Bit of trouble getting the dipstick out there. There we go, it’s out, can the men draw level? The dipstick’s waving everywhere there’s the reader, there we go, what have we got? It’s bone dry, no oil, not a drop, it’s a miracle that car can still move, he should be ashamed of himself.

Terrible finish for the boys there, it’s all over, the bonnets are down.

The Results

So, the results. No Stewards enquiry needed this week, all three cars passed for the ladies and only two passed for the gents. So, in what could be considered a surprise results, its women 2-0 men. Join us next time.

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