Battle of the sexes: parallel parking

Who's better at parallel parking? The boys or the girls? We put another contentious motoring issue between the sexes to rest once and for all...

Welcome back to MoneySuperMarket for round 4 of battle of the sexes, it’s the penultimate round - Parallel parking.


Each competitor gets two attempts.

Hit the curb and it’s a fail.

Hit the cone it’s a fail.

Too far from the curb (Second yellow line) it’s half a point.

Like a glove (First yellow line)  it’s a point.

For the girls

We’ve got Laura, Emma and Jody.

For the boys

It’s Barry, Maurice and Robert. No sorry, Barry Karl and Steve. I don’t know what the Bee Gees I was thinking about there.

So, first up its Karl vs Emma.

Emma looks calm there but Karl’s looking around like he doesn’t know where he’s parked his car. You’re in it mate, you’re parking it now, but badly by the looks of it.

Emma seems to be doing a little bit better. Oh no, Karl’s curbed it, he’s blown it and I hope Emma’s left a trail of breadcrumbs to get back to the curb.Way out, no points.

Next up its Steve and Jody. You don’t normally see these two this side of the camera. Steve looking professor-like there, Jody looking well, Jody like really. How are they going to get on? Looking like a good angle for Jody. Bit of keep for Steve.

Oh and Steve hits the curb that’s no points for him and Jody, well she’s one yellow line away, so that’s half a point.

Next up it’s Barry vs Laura, TravelSuperMarket vs TravelSuperMarket.

Barry with a one handed technique like dads and cabbies there.

Laura looks like she’s doing it well.

Bang and Barry’s gone, he’s hit the curb and Laura just stopped, oh she’s going into the cone, no points for Laura either.


Emma- Fail
Karl- Fail
Jody – ½ Point
Steve – Fail
Laura- Fail
Barry- Fail

So, the half way mark. Well, what we can take from that is that they’re all rubbish at parking. Jody gets half a point but that’s it, round 2, let’s go.

So, back up for attempt two, it’s Karl vs Emma. Can Karl pull out a memorable performance here? What type of spin will Emma put on this?

Well, Emma’s creeping towards the curb there, it’s looking quite good. 

Karl’s angle is looking a bit tight there.

Emma just avoids the curb there, perfect park, top gear.

Karl, fails again. You can tell his butler normally parks his cars for him.

So, the video team go head to head once more here. Both looking to have nice angles there, but still a fair bit away from the curb, but it’s looking quite good.

Jodie nearly hits the cone there but she stays away and it looks to be a belter bit of parking from them both, Chequered flag.

So, it’s back to big bad Barry and lovely little Laura as no one ever calls them. Good angles here, oh this fella thinks it’s a stroll, clear off.
Barry looks miles out here, but Laura looks a lot better if she can just avoid that cone again. That’s a pretty fly bit of parking by Laura and not half bad from Barry.


Emma- 1 Point
Karl – Fail
Jody- 1 Point
Steve- 1 Point
Laura- ½ Point
Barry – ½ point

So, the final scores are in.

Well, no one likes how Karl parks he can Trotsky on. Everyone else picks up points. So in the final analysis, it’s three to the girls and just one and a half to the boys.

That puts the girls in the unassailable 3-1 lead, they win the series but join us next time as we retake our driving tests.


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