Battle of the sexes: junk in your trunk

In the third part of our battle of the sexes series, and the men currently 2-0 down, we look at who's got the most junk in their trunk! With every wasted kilogram a waste of precious fuel, who in this challenge will prove to be the most efficient - the men or the women?

Welcome back to MoneySuperMarket for round three of battle of the sexes. This week it’s junk in the trunk and the rules are as follows-

We open your boot, if it’s empty you get a full point.

If it’s half full or half empty, depending on your disposition you get half a point.

If it’s full, you get no points

For the girls

For the girls this week we’ve got a Focus, a Golf, an Astra, a 500 and the Kuga’s back.

For the boys

It’s a Golf, a Polo, a 3Series, a Focus and a Fabia.

First up for the girls it’s the Golf and it’s looking pretty in pink there. There’s quite a lot going on but put that all together and it’s only half full. So, half a point for the girls.

First up for the boys, it’s another golf and well, it’s looking pretty empty there. The girls are calling foul play but we’re not calling anyone who carries boxing gloves in his boot and he’ll clean up with that brush.

Next up the girls, it’s the Astra, Well, it looks to be a Guitar playing Jedi Monkey. Who’d have expected that? He’s all packed for his hols as well. All the inflatables can go in their suitcase so, I’d say that’s half a point for the girls.

Next up for the boys it’s the Polo. What have we got here? No Jedi monkey this time, but certainly a cheeky one. The girls fear and upset resorted to dirty tactics, but talk about putting the boot in. Out comes Jodie and the boot’s empty, full point for the boys, smart work.

So, next up for the girls it’s the fiat 500, what have we got here? Well, it looks like a wardrobe on wheels. She thinks she’s on a role there, but I’m afraid she’s not. No points for the girls this time.

We’re at the midway point and for the boys it’s the BMW. Well it looks like it’s a half empty boot there, so it’s a half point and extra kudos for having a brolly, he’s always prepared that lad.

So, can the Kuga claw things back for the girls? It appears not, but a stewards enquiry rules and it’s only one item and it’s a necessity so the girls get a full point.

So, let’s see what the focus has got. It’s got the lot including the full length sheepskin jacket. His ma’ said it cost a packet, it’s very snazzy but no points I’m afraid boys.

So, for the girls it’s the focus. Can we set up a photo finish here? She’s never going to win best in show with a boot like that. How many Wellies can one girl need? No points.

It’s all academic now but the boys complete their round with the Fabia serving up another empty boot for a full point for the lads. Well done, three and a half in total.



Car 1 – ½ point
Car 2 – ½ point
Car 3 – 0 point
Car 4 – 1 point
Car 5 – 0 point


Car 1 – point
Car 2 – 1 point
Car 3 – ½ point
Car 4- 0 point
Car 5 – 1 point.

So, the results are in. Its two points to the girls for a mighty three and a half for the boys, they don’t want to lose this fight just yet. The series stands at 2-1, so how will the next round go? Join us next time.

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