’Ave a butcher’s: 30 years of Eastenders price hikes

Doof-doof doof doof-doof doof-doof-doof! Eastenders has marked its 30th anniversary with a week of live episodes and the culmination of a whodunnit plotline that has kept the nation gripped over the last year. 

This got us thinking, how different was the cost of living in 1985 compared to now?

We’ve crunched some numbers on life compared to 1985 that you won’t Adam & Eve what you could get for your bangers and mash back then!

So grab a cup of Rosie Lea and feast your mince pies on this little lot…

62p: the price of a single vodka shot in 1985. The same tipple in an east end battle cruiser these days would set you back around £2.50. Although if drinking with Kat Slater, we’re sure your round would come to a whole lot more.

923%: the percentage increase in average property prices in Waltham Forest, London borough that most resembles the fictional Walford, over the last 30 years (£32,567 in 1984, £336,175 in 2014)

£33,000: the 10% cash deposit Mick and Linda Carter would need to buy a cat and mouse on the square if they got a 90% mortgage.
£500: a monkey is the minimum deposit Patrick Trueman would need to put into a recently launched NS & I Pensioner Bond to get a favourable return on his savings. Take a look at our savings channel for a great choice of savings accounts and ISAs for your bread and honey.

20p: the price of a pint of milk in 1985. Popping into the Minute Mart for one now would cost you 50p.

£11,262: Dot Cotton’s salary. According to research by Halifax bank, £11, 262 is the average wage for a launderette worker in 2014.

£20.50: the weekly amount of child benefit Lola would receive for her child, Lexi.

17 million: The number of people that watched the opening episode on Tuesday February 19, 1985. In the first of Eastenders live episodes on Tuesday this week around 9 million tuned in.
£20,000: The average price of an Otis Redding. With Eastenders veteran Ian (not Adam!) Beale embarking on his fifth marriage, our advice to him would be to check out our wedding insurance guide.

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