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As our lives become increasingly hectic, wouldn’t it be sweet if there were an app that could help us get organised, encourage us to keep on top of our finances and, most importantly, make us more money?


Well, MoreMoney is the dynamic new app by MoneySuperMarket which brings you all of this. And guess what? It’s completely free for you to download from the Apple App Store (with an Android version to follow later this year).

Here’s an overview of what MoreMoney can do for you.


Up-to-date money saving news

From tips on reducing your energy bills, to videos on how to improve your wi-fi speed, to guides on getting the best credit card deal - the app’s news section will help make you more financially savvy.

We’ll also bring you deals that can help boost your bank balance. This can be anything from market leading mortgage rates offered by High Street banks to exclusive money off deals, such as our recent offer of 50% off Thornton’s chocolate hampers.

To do is to save

Keep meaning to switch energy providers but never get round to it? The MoreMoney app creates a personalised to-do list with all your reminders of how to save money through the year.

Managing your to-do is an easy task. You can set reminders for the future, at a time and date to suit you, and tick them off once you’re done. These are displayed under tabs for today, this week and this month – getting organised has never looked so good.

Tally up your savings   

Another great feature of the app is the tally total of how much you have saved across the year.

Once you’ve completed your specific to-do you can tot up how much you have saved on the savings barometer. Your completed to-do section will then show the total of how much you have saved from completing your various money saving actions on your to-do list – how EPIC is that!

Please note: any rates or deals mentioned in this article were available at the time of writing. Click on a highlighted product and apply direct.

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