How to catch all of the Champions League action

It’s Tuesday night, you’ve got a pizza and a few beers in, you flick on ITV for the Champions League football – and Emmerdale comes on…


So you try ITV 2 – You’ve Been Framed (it sure feels like it). ITV3 gives you Murder, She Wrote. So it must be ITV 4, surely? Alas! Pawn Stars.

And then you remember: ITV isn’t showing any live Champions League games this season. Neither is Sky. And you’ve not got BT Sport. You’ve still got beer and pizza in though, and Murder, She Wrote is always a good yarn…

Don’t miss a single kick

Earlier this year, BT Sport paid an eye-watering £897 million to get the full, exclusive rights to show live Champions League football for the next three seasons.

This means there will no longer be any live Champions League games on terrestrial television or on Sky. So if you want to watch this season’s European elite in action, you’ll have to pay for a BT Sport subscription.

There are a number of options, depending on what you’re after and how much you can afford. And that’s where our Sports TV tool comes in handy.

Dan Plant, consumer finance expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Working out the right TV package for your needs can seem like a minefield, which is why MoneySuperMarket has launched an exclusive Sports TV Tool.

“Fans can select their favourite events – including the Champions League – and the tool shows you which channels they are being televised on (free or paid-for), and then shows the best packages for you, based on the events you’ve selected.”



The numbers game

To use the tool, simply select your favourite events – including the Champions League – and it shows you which channels are showing them live, whether it’s free or paid for, and then lists the best packages for you, based on the events you’ve selected.

So if, for instance, you already subscribe to Sky, you can get BT Sport through your Sky box, BUT you will need to have a BT Broadband subscription AND have registered for BT TV.

The cheapest broadband deal offered by BT is currently £5 a month, but this does only offer speeds of up to 17Mb – that’s  significantly slower than the speeds of up to 76Mb you get with the BT Infinity package.

It also comes with just 10Gb of downloads, so you will have to be mindful of how much you stream online.

Then there’s the additional £17.99 a month line rental and the £5 a month subscription to BT Sport, so you’ll be looking at shelling out a further £28 a month.

And if you’re already signed up for broadband with another provider, you’ll have to figure in any cancellation fee if you end the deal early.

If you’re a Virgin TV subscriber, you can also get BT Sport free on several Virgin TV packages including TV XL, Big Kahuna and Big Daddy.

Please note: any rates or deals mentioned in this article were available at the time of writing. Click on a highlighted product and apply direct.


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