Apple's new iPad: What's different?

Apple's new iPad arrived in a blaze of publicity. But we ask: Can you tell the difference between the New iPad and the iPad 2?

The eagerly anticipated new iPad was released on March 16 and has already been a huge success.

Apple says it sold 3million new iPads in the first weekend alone.

The new iPad isn’t actually called the iPad 3, perhaps because it’s more of an incremental upgrade from the iPad 2 than a complete overhaul.

The new iPad has a faster processor, sharper cameras, 4G connectivity and a higher resolution screen.

If you have an iPad 2, you might be wondering if it’s worth upgrading.

Now, as the higher resolution screen is one of the big selling points of the new iPad, we wondered how noticeable the difference actually was.

So, we asked people if they could tell the difference between the old iPad and the new one, just by looking...


So there you go, there wasn't a lot in it, but most people could tell the difference, because of the sharper screen.

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