Accidents up as clocks go back

Motorists are more likely to have an accident driving home from work in the dark in the week after the clocks go back, according to car insurer Direct Line.

Last year it received 15% more claims than the previous week after drivers misjudged braking distances, veered out of their lanes and failed to see other vehicles.

Local authorities across the country have been cutting street lighting to reduce energy costs, which has also increased the risk of accidents.

Head of car insurance Maggie Game said: "Motorists should take extra care this week as we adjust to the hazards of driving in the dark.

"We see a sharp increase in the number of claims from customers in the week after the clocks go back, and therefore urge people to be cautious in the different conditions.

"Reaction times are slower in the dark, resulting in greater braking distances and poor depth perception. Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do, and all of these risks make driving in the dark even riskier."

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