5 things you must do in 2011

Well, it’s a new year and thousands of us are planning fitness regimes and diets, but it’s also a great time to sort out your finances.

Whether you’re in debt after Christmas or juggling five different savings accounts, there are simple steps you can take to earn more rewards, earn a better rate of interest on your cash and really cut your bills.

Here are our top tips…

Get a better credit card

Failing to find the right credit card for you can cost you a fortune in extra interest or missed rewards.

If you tend to leave a balance, a purchase credit card with a 0% offer can save you a fortune, while if you have a debt hanging over you, maybe from Christmas, why not switch it to a market-leading balance transfer card and get up to 16 months interest-free?

But, if you never leave a balance on your card, you could be earning cashback or rewards like airmiles whenever you shop. So, find a card that works for you.

Open an ISA

Whether you’re saving a small amount for a rainy day fund, or you’re sitting on a real nest egg, it makes perfect sense to save into an ISA to protect your returns from the tax man.
The deadline for using your annual allowance is April 5th and if you don’t, you can’t roll it over. So, save up to £5,100 in a cash ISA and the returns you earn are all yours. The taxman can’t touch a penny. There’s no reason your rainy day fund can’t make you some cash while the sun shines.

Stop auto-renewing your car insurance

When that auto-renew letter hits your doormat, it’s time to act. Don’t let your insurer sign you up for another year of policy at whatever price it wants – take the time to research the rest of the market and make sure it’s the best price you can get.

It might be that your insurer is offering the most competitive deal, but it’s likely you could save some money. In fact, by comparing car insurance on our site, people save an average of £278. It only takes a few minutes to check if your renewal offer is the best.

Switch energy bills

Are you bored of hearing this from us? The thing is, the average household could save hundreds of pounds a year by moving off their provider’s standard tariff and onto one of the best deals.

The gas and electricity you use is exactly the same no matter what you pay, so why not save this extra cash? Don’t assume switching is a difficult process, for most people it is hassle-free and the new provider does most of the work.

Compare everything

If you don’t shop around, you don’t get the best prices, so make 2011 the year you compare the prices of everything, from holidays to home insurance and from broadband to breakdown cover.

You can use our site to compare a huge number of products and services, and even to find the best shopping prices. It doesn’t take long and it could save you hundreds of pounds this year.

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