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When is my phone getting the Android Oreo update?

The latest operating system from Google, Android Oreo, was officially released at the end of August. Android Oreo, or Android 8.0, is already available to Google Nexus and Pixel smartphones.

The latest operating system from Google, Android Oreo, was officially released at the end of August. Android Oreo, or Android 8.0, is already available to Google Nexus and Pixel smartphones.

If you are using an older version of Android, you may be wondering when will you get the Android Oreo update… The scheduled update of your current handset will be determined by factors such as manufacturer, age of handset and network the phone is used on.

We can predict expected updates by comparing them to the update roll out of previous OS versions and by looking at the history of updates across manufacturers.

Android Oreo update schedule

Some manufacturers have confirmed when their handsets will be getting the Oreo OS update and some are still preparing their update schedules. Google’s own devices are the first to see any updated OS and the Pixel 2 will be among the first to ship with the new OS. The original Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C will all receive the update too.

Samsung users will see an Android 8.0 update on the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8, as you would expect for the very latest Galaxy smartphones. The Galaxy A range from 2016 and 2017 will get Android Oreo while only the Galaxy J 2017 models will get the new OS.

Sony has confirmed that the majority of the Xperia X family will be bumped up to Android Oreo and updates to the Xperia XZ Premium have already begun.

Motorola has confirmed their Moto Z range will get the update along with the G5 range, the G4 Plus and the Moto X4. The Android 8.0 update for Motorola will begin in the next few weeks.

LG updates to their Android devices usually roll out around 3 months after the official launch from Google. This will put the new OS on users devices around November.

If you have a handset from another manufacturer or you want to make sure your phone is compatible for the update, visit the manufacturers website for full details.

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Handsets not compatible with Android Oreo

The new innovations and features that are introduced with an updated operating system will require a certain amount of power and hardware that is able to cope with these advancements. Due to this there are some handsets that will not get the update. The decision to exclude a handset from the update is based upon impact on performance.

The majority of newly released smartphones from this year will be updated. Older models may not be compatible with the new features or performance would be slowed too much, with the new system.

A handset that is over two years old, as a general rule of thumb, is highly unlikely to get the update. If your phone is an older model you can visit the manufacturer’s website to check if your device will get the update.

Google has guaranteed that the latest Google Pixel 2 will get OS updates for the next three years. If having the most up to date OS is important to you, then this is a handset that would be ideal.

Android Oreo features

Should you have one of the handsets that will receive the Android Oreo update, you may be wondering what new features will be coming your way. Google has been working on many aspects of smartphone usage with the new Android Oreo OS.

The new update will bring faster boot times and more advanced learning. Multitasking is further enhanced with Picture-in-picture mode. This allows you run an app and place it in the corner of the screen while using others.

The new Android Oreo OS brings with it enhanced audio and adaptive icons that will include animations when you interact with them. Notification dots are also a new addition, these will appear as a dot on the applicable app. A press and hold of the dot will bring up the latest notification as well as app options without needing to fully launch the app.

Auto-fill options are coming our way with Android 8, making signing into various accounts much easier. Android instant apps will allow you to use apps without having to download the full app to your phone, so you get to use the features through your browser.

As you would expect the new OS delivers lots of improved usability and with a focus on efficiency and user experience. Your handset will get a massive boost when it is upgraded to Android Oreo!

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