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HTC U11 Deals

Why you’ll love the U11

HTC fans, rejoice - the U11 is one of the most impressive smartphones ever produced by the company. With a beautiful design and amazing specs, we’re sure you’ll love it. Let’s take a look at what makes it so good.

The Technical Details

  • 5.5-inch LCD display
  • 1440 x 2560 resolution
  • 12-megapixel rear camera
  • 16-megapixel front camera
  • 64GB/128GB storage + 256GB microSD
  • 4GB/6GB RAM
  • 3000 mAh battery

High-Quality Audio

When it comes to audio, the HTC U11 reigns supreme. Let’s start with the headphones included in the box: HTC’s USonic earbuds, which plug into the USB-C port using an adaptor. They offer noise cancellation, using microphones to detect noise around you and discarding it, so you can focus on your tunes. They also produce amazing bass, which is an impressive feat for such small headphones.

Unplug the headphones, and the U11 still produces great sound. The phone’s Boomsound double speaker setup separates high and bass sounds to offer an almost surround effect. It’s the perfect phone on which to play music or watch films with a dramatic soundtrack.

Amazing Camera

The 12MP main camera on the HTC U11 is excellent - and it’s in the top 10 best smartphone cameras ever according to DxOMark, the industry’s leading online source for camera reviews.

So, how good is it exactly? First of all, the U11’s camera features an HDR Auto Mode, which takes three pictures simultaneously and combines them to give you the best of each. Once you’ve taken a picture, you can use Google Photos to automatically enhance it - the software will choose the correct exposure, colour balance, and more in order to produce a truly professional-looking smartphone.

Finally, the camera can be set up with Edge Sense to take a picture whenever you press the sides of the handset. More on this now!

Edge Sense

What is Edge Sense? HTC’s new innovative feature allows you to squeeze (yes, squeeze) your phone to perform certain actions, such as opening the camera app like we mentioned above.

You can also customise Edge Sense - so if you’re happy to open the camera app from your screen, you can set your phone up to launch any other app you’d like, such as the flashlight. You could also use it to launch Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa! The HTC U11 is one of the very first Android smartphones to feature Amazon’s voice assistant.