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Everything you need to know about iD Mobile

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iD Mobile is a Carphone Warehouse company that offers SIM only and monthly mobile phone contracts, connected through the Three network.

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A variety of plans exist to focus on tailored solutions to individual needs.

GoTo plans are offered with 4G fast internet access as standard and this is backed up by 3G coverage that is available to 98% of the UK’s population. ShockProof plans offer a solution where finances need strict control and ensure that customers never go over the limit of their capped contract, which is set at £5.

TakeAway plans from iD enables the freedom to roam abroad for free in 29 countries. This means that customers can use their existing call, text and data allowances to contact UK mobile numbers and UK landlines. iD also offers DataOnly plans for those who wish to get an internet connected device online.

The iD app can be downloaded for free and this makes managing an iD account easy, with users able to keep an eye on their minutes, text messages and internet data usage. The iD app also enables the viewing of bills from the last six months and customers can buy extra bundles and services through the app.

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