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Is the Google Pixel 7 worth buying in 2024?

It’s part of Google’s 2022 Pixel range and built to showcase the very best of its Android operating system. So, is it worth buying? Read our full Google Pixel 7 review now to find out.

Our Google Pixel 7 review in summary

The Google Pixel 7 refines the Google Pixel 6 and comes with a new design that features a mental band across the back of the device.

Under the hood is Google’s brand new Tensor 2 chipset, backed up by Android 13, the very latest smartphone operating system from the Big G.

Storage options are limited to 128GB and 256GB, smaller than many flagship phones, such as the iPhone 14 and Samsung’s Galaxy S22, but that’s fine unless you’re big into gaming and downloading video.

The camera is what really makes the Pixel 7 stand out, with a seriously impressive night mode.

About the Google Pixel 7

The Google Pixel 7 is built with Android lovers in mind. It shows off Google’s mobile OS in its purest form and comes with the very best Google features and no annoying bloatware apps that often get in the way on third party Android devices.


The camera is what makes the Google Pixel 7 special. Google has opted for a main 50MP lens and a 12MP ultra wide sensor. The latter doesn’t come with the same autofocus smarts found on the more expensive Pixel 7 Pro’s ultrawide camera. However, the Pixel 7 is much more affordable, meaning this feature isn’t something you’ll miss if staying on budget is top priority.

Thanks to a series of tweaks to the camera software and the Tensor 2 chipset, the camera is a cut above older Pixel models. The Photo Unblur feature allows you edit blurry images and make them clear and crisp. Night Sight, a feature that gave the Pixel 6 an edge, has seen a number of technical enhancements, so that shots taken in the darkest conditions appear with greater clarity.

There are new and impressive creative features such as Action Pan and Long Exposure. Throw those in and Google continues to be top of the tree when it comes to smartphone imaging.

The front facing camera comes in at 10.8MP and can shoot 4K video, making it more than good enough for video calls and social media.


Google has made a few noticeable tweaks to the Pixel 7, while maintaining the broader design of the Pixel 6. It has dropped the two tone colour finish which caused uproar among mobile fanatics, instead opting for a neat metal band across the back of the device, where the main camera is housed.

The all screen finish is slick and in keeping with previous Pixel phones. And while swankier devices such as the Apple iPhone 14 Pro look better, the Pixel 7’s lower price tag makes this easier to bear. Throw in water and dust proof ratings that will help stop any nasty breakages and you’ve got a rock solid modern smartphone.


The Pixel 7’s screen looks virtually identical to that of the Pixel 6. It comes in at 6.3 inches, with a Full HD+ resolution and a 20:9 aspect ratio, with brightness topping out at 1,400 nits.

The 90Hz refresh rate puts it a little below rival devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, which has a slicker 120Hz rating, making it marginally better for gaming and streaming video. Only hardcore users will discern the difference, though.

Always On display smarts for checking key details without unlocking the phone and an in screen fingerprint scanner mean the display here is a cut above similarly priced handsets.

Operating system and performance

This is an area where the Pixel 7 really stands out. It packs Google’s new Tensor 23 chipset for snappy performance, and runs the very latest version of Android.

Android 13 is Google’s best OS yet, with updated apps and a far slicker overall experience. Pixel devices have long been the best way to experience Android as Google intends, and with the latest updates hitting these handsets before any others, the Pixel 7 is the way to go if you value the newest software.

Battery life

The Pixel 7 can last around a single day on one charge when streaming video, checking social media and taking calls. That puts it in line with most handsets at the same price point. For those who can’t get to power easily, an Extreme Battery Saver mode promises 72 hours between charges, letting you ‘white list’ apps you want to use while denying access to those you don’t.

There’s support for 21W fast charging, but as with most phones these days there’s no charger in the box.

Google Pixel 7's deals and incentives

There are loads of great Pixel 7 deals and incentives here at MoneySuperMarket. iD Mobile offers money off with a dedicated discount code and offers three months of free Apple TV+ and Apple Music when you take out a deal.

Prices are competitive too, with a number of networks vying for your business. Take a look at our price comparison tool and you’ll see deals from as low as £29 per month (at the time of writing).

Google Pixel 7 pricing

SIM free pricing for the Pixel 7 is competitive. At launch, a 128GB model costs £599, rising to £699 for 256GB. That compares very well against more expensive phones from Samsung and Apple.

Pros and cons of choosing Google Pixel 7 in 2024


  • Tensor 2 chipset ensures great performance
  • Android 13 means very latest software out of the box
  • Great camera


  • Only a minor update compared with Pixel 6

How does Google Pixel 7 compare against other Google phones?

The Pixel 7 is part of Google’s 2022 range. As the name suggests, the Pixel 7 Pro offers a better camera and sleeker screen, but costs more.

The older Pixel 6 has many of the same features, while the Pixel 6a serves up the best of Google at a lower price.

Google Pixel 7 review: Verdict

The Google Pixel 7 is a great phone at a really good price. With the best of Google’s new chipset tech, the latest Android software and an excellent camera, it marks an affordable alternative to the iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S22, with features that match each of those phones.

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