OnePlus 6 Rumours

OnePlus 6

OnePlus has been releasing mobile phones for a few years now. The original OnePlus device caught the attention of the press due to its exclusive feel, created through limited stock and invite-only purchases.

Things have changed a bit since then, and while the 6th generation will likely still boast killer specs and features, the OnePlus 6 will be made in higher volumes so that you can definitely get your hands on one.

At a glance

  • When will it come out? Q2 2018
  • How much will it cost? £449 - £499
  • Secure Face Unlock
  • Elongated display
  • Dual camera

When is the OnePlus 6 coming out?

OnePlus has already expressed that it intends to launch the OnePlus 6 in Q2 2018. This means that we could see the new phone hitting the shelves between April and June. Still, this hasn’t stopped the rumour mill which is predicting that the OnePlus 6 might make an appearance in March… We’ll have to wait to find out!

Basis for the March theory: OnePlus launched the OnePlus 5 in June 2017 and then the OnePlus 5T in November 2017. The gap between these releases is 5 months and another 5 months from November brings us to March 2018. What’s more, Mobile World Congress (MWC) takes place between February 26th and March 1st and this is the event that many of the mobile phone brands use to launch their 2018 flagship smartphones.

How much will it cost?

OnePlus has been consistent with pricing in the past. The last two OnePlus phones went on sale for £449. We expect to see the OnePlus 6 priced at between £449 - £499. This price would be almost half the price of some of its competitors. O2 sells OnePlus phones on contract, and we fully expect to see this arrangement continue.

OnePlus 6 design and features - the latest rumours

The hottest OnePlus 6 rumours surround biometric security. The current OnePlus phone features a fingerprint sensor on the back and facial recognition, but the OnePlus 6 rumours predict big changes. The fingerprint scanner is expected to be invisible and hidden away under the display glass itself.

The current OnePlus has Face Unlock, but this isn’t secure enough for authorising mobile payments. The OnePlus 6 is rumoured to have a 3D Face Unlock infrared camera, like the one on the iPhone X. This would make it secure for mobile payments and allow it to work in the dark.

The latest rumours don’t suggest any changes to the display technology. A 6” AMOLED display is expected to be set up in the new elongated 18:9 screen aspect ratio. Full HD+ resolution (2160 x 1080 pixels) gives extra rows of pixels so that more of a webpage can be viewed without scrolling down.

Performance and energy efficiency will be improved markedly with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB or 8GB of RAM. At 2.8GHz the processor is faster than any we have seen before and when rendering graphics, the processor is 30% more efficient.

The OnePlus 6 rumours suggest that once again there will be a dual rear facing camera. This will allow you to capture those desirable bokeh blurred background effects in Portrait Mode, making your pictures more professional-looking.

What we want from the OnePlus 6

Putting the OnePlus 6 rumours aside - here is what we would like to see from the OnePlus 6:

  • Oxygen OS based on Android Oreo. We want to see the highly customisable Oxygen OS based on the new Android Oreo and not the aging Nougat.
  • Memory card slot. OnePlus is generous when it comes to internal memory but we would still like to see a microSD memory card slot.
  • Wireless charging. OnePlus has yet to marry its Dash Charge system with wireless charging but this really would be a treat to have.

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