Everything you need to know about Lycamobile


Lycamobile provides low cost calls to 19 coutnries worldwide making them the perfect network for anyone that has friends or family living abroad.

The company launched as a virtual mobile network utilising the O2 UK network to provide excellent UK coverage and a reliable connection for calls and data.

With a focus on connecting people wherever they may live by offering affordable international calls the Lycamobile network has grown to have over 14 million customers.

Lycamobile is the world’s biggest international mobile virtual network operator and was founded in 2014. Lycamobile has 14 million customers, with a new customer joining every two seconds, and its main focus is to offer affordable international and national calls.

Lycamobile offers SIM only deals with bundles lasting for one month, before the SIM card needs topping up again. Available bundles allow users to switch from international only call allowances and allowances that includes a combination of UK and international minutes.

High quality data services are offered and these include fast 4G internet connectivity at no extra cost. The national 4G data allowances are accessible to any customer using a 4G smartphone. Customers of Lycamobile also benefit from free Lyca to Lyca calls and free Lyca to Lyca text messaging.

Lycamobile is available in 19 countries and customers benefit from access to multilingual customer services. Online account management is possible and the Lycamobile smartphone lets customers apply top-ups, add bundles, check their balance and see their usage, including the numbers called.

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