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iPhone SE2


September is often an exciting month for Apple fans, and this year is no different – if the whispers are to be believed, we may see as many as three new iPhone handsets this autumn.

There hasn’t been a lot of concrete information as of yet, though the rumour mill has turned out an interesting list of possible models, including:

  • The iPhone XI: the flagship of the launch, this is the successor to the iPhone X.
  • The iPhone XI Plus: there may also be a plus version of the flagship that some are calling the XI Plus.
  • The iPhone SE2: a cheaper alternative to the XI and XI Plus, this looks to be the sequel to the iPhone SE.

Here’s the latest information about the SE2.

Expected launch

While the XI and XI Plus are looking set for a September release, the SE2 may come out a little later in October or November – not entirely unusual for Apple.

Expected cost

The more wallet-friendly option, it seems that the SE2 will cost somewhere between £600 and £700.


The SE2 is expected to take after the iPhone X rather than the SE, which means it should have an all screen design with no bezel. But it will be distinguishable from the XI and XI Plus because it has an LCD screen rather than an OLED screen, and its screen will be around 6.1 inches.

It’s also possible that the SE2 will have a metal back instead of glass, which means it probably won’t have wireless charging capabilities – though it might bring about an exciting range of colours, including blue, pink, and yellow, as well as silver, gold, and space grey.


While this may be the lowest-cost version of the new iPhone releases, it might still see its share of new and upgraded features, including:

  • Face ID: the SE2, like all the new iPhone models, is also likely to have Face ID capabilities. Apple are also working on technology that will allow you to use your fingerprint on the entire screen display, so we might see more focus on this in the future.
  • Enhanced NFC: near field communication could potentially be used for a number of things other than contactless pay – in fact, some people at Apple are already using it as a method for opening doors.
  • Wireless charging: while some believe the SE2 will have a metal back - making wireless charging impossible - there have been rumours that the device could get a glass back instead, which would then bring back the possibility of wireless charging. But it’s not known for sure.
  • Camera: the front-facing FaceTime camera is likely to be upgraded to either 5 or 7MP, rather than the 1.2MP camera in the iPhone SE.

Technical specifications

The iPhone SE2 is likely to get fewer technical upgrades, but we might be able to look forward to:

  • Dual sim: there’ve been some suggestions that the iPhone SE2 and the XI Plus will both be given dual sim capabilities, though this might only apply to the Chinese market.
  • Battery: the SE2 won’t receive the same new battery as the XI and XI Plus, instead getting a 2850-2950 mAh battery that should add up to 8% more capacity than the iPhone X.
  • Processor: rumours about the new SE2 processor indicate that the device will get an A10 fusion chip, rather than the A12 chip we’ll see in the XI and XI Plus.

It seems the SE2 will also inherit much of the same technical specifications of the iPhone SE, including the rear camera, storage, and RAM.

While many of the rumours are just that – rumours – the coming weeks should bring more news about potential updates to the new range of iPhones, so keep your eyes open. If you can’t wait that long and you want a better deal sooner than later, you’re sure to find it by comparing tariffs on MoneySuperMarket.

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