iPhone 9 Rumours

What can we expect from the iPhone 9?

With the Apple iPhone 8 selling in large numbers since its release is September 2017, many have already started to focus on what the iPhone 9 will bring.

There are a few rumours already circulating and we have put them together here, so that you too can get excited about what the iPhone 9 may bring.

At a glance

  • When will it come out? September 21st
  • How much will it cost? £699 - £949
  • Face ID
  • TrueDepth camera
  • No Touch ID home button
  • Bigger screen

When is the iPhone 9 coming out?

Knowing when the iPhone 9 is coming out is one of the easiest things to predict. Over ten years, Apple has largely stuck to the same timetable, which consists of a special launch event that is followed by a shipping date.

The  launch event is typically held on the second Tuesday of September. With this in mind, you may want to clear your schedule for Tuesday September 11th 2018. The special launch event will be held in the US, and the time difference works in the favour of those who work the day shift: you can set your alarm clock for 6pm and catch a live broadcast of the event.

The shipping date is typically scheduled for the second Friday after the special release event. This means that the iPhone 9 will begin shipping on Friday September 21st 2018.

How much will it cost?

The Apple iPhone 9 might be priced in the same region as the iPhone 8. Apple will certainly want to avoid pricing the next iPhone at over £1,000, which would be too rich for many prospective buyers. We could see a 64GB iPhone 9 priced at £699 and a 256GB iPhone 9 Plus priced at £949. You shouldn’t worry too much about the price tag because it will be included as part of the monthly rental, when you purchase an iPhone 9 on contract.

iPhone 9 design and features - the latest rumours

The hottest iPhone 9 rumours surround the screen size. This is probably because iPhones tend to be a bit smaller, when compared to other smartphones. The latest rumours suggest that there will be two iPhone 9 sizes, with the larger one being known as the iPhone 9 Plus; we're expecting the phones to measure 5.8” and 6.5” respectively.

An energy efficient OLED display might feature on the iPhone 9 Plus. These produce deep blacks and more vivid colours. However, they are more expensive to produce, so the cost of the iPhone 9 may be kept down by using a less costly LCD display.

We do not expect to see any sort of update to the iPhone X, which Apple has said will remain a one-off, created to celebrate ten years of the iPhone. Instead, we expect to see the exclusive iPhone X technology finding its way onto the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus. This should include the stunning full screen borderless display and Face ID 3D facial recognition, which is handled by the TrueDepth camera.

Wireless charging at a distance has also been rumoured. This could take convenience to a whole new level, with the iPhone 9 not even needing to be placed on a charging mat, in order to charge. We don’t know for sure if this will happen, but we would LOVE if it did.

It is quite likely that the iPhone 9 will have an A12 Bionic chip with a 7nm architecture. Does that sounds technical? Well, it is, but it's pretty easy to understand! The A11 Bionic chip has 10nm architecture and the smaller that number is, the smaller the chip is. A 7nm chip is great news because smaller chips use less power, meaning less visits to a charger or charging mat.

What we want from the Apple iPhone 9

Putting the rumours aside - here is what we would like to see from the Apple iPhone 9:

Waterproof. The iPhone 8 went some of the way with its splash and rain resistant IP67 rating. However, we would like to see a IP68 rating, which would mean that the iPhone 9 could be submerged in water, making underwater photography a possibility.

AirPods included. It’s nice that the iPhone comes with EarPods but wouldn’t it be great if wireless AirPods came in the box?

Dual camera. We would like to see a dual camera become standard and not only be a feature on the Plus model.