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Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Deals

MoneySuperMarket’s ambition is to find the best phone deals for you, and we’ve got plenty of deals for the Galaxy S8 Plus.

The beefed-up sibling to the S8, the S8 Plus comes in variety of colour finishes, including black and grey, so there’s sure to be a handset colour for everyone! Our deals include several of the largest network providers, so you’ll find a contract with your favourite network easily. The S8 Plus can also be purchased from several leading retailers.

Minute allowances range from 500 minutes to unlimited across our S8 Plus deals, and texting is unlimited in all deals. There are also different data packages and it’s crucial to bear in mind what sort of package you are searching for. If you know you’ll only need a minimal amount of data, don’t buy a larger package just for the sake of it. It will save you money and provide a phone perfectly suited for your needs.

There may be upfront handset costs depending on the model, but with the 24 month contracts offered, you’ll be sure to get value for money. Some of our deals include gifts given on top of the contract as an added bonus, with items like Amazon gift vouchers, Amazon Kindles, and Amazon Echo Dots all up for grabs.