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The iPhone 13 Index: How long you’ll need to work to afford an iPhone 13 around the world

The iphone 13 index

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Apple is one of the world's most coveted consumer tech brands. But just how affordable is their latest offering?

A day that both tech lovers and casual consumers will have circled on their calendar, Apple’s annual iPhone announcement is one of the most anticipated events in tech. 

This years event showcased four new handsets (with 14 combinations) ranging from £679 to £1,549 in the UK, in the U.S & Canada taxes vary by state and province, but on average the price ranges from between $771 - $1,691 and $826 - $1,941 respectively.

So with the cost of an iPhone varying by country, where is this year’s handset the most and least affordable?

We scoured the Apple website to find the cost of an iPhone 13 (128GB) in different countries and using the median annual salary for each, calculated the number of hours people will need to work in order to earn enough money to buy an iPhone 13 around the world.

Note - With local taxes varying by State and Province, prices for the United States and Canada are an average of the cost of an iPhone 13 128GB at the highest and lowest rate of tax.

How many hours people will have to work to afford an iPhone 13 around the world

How many hours people will take to buy an iphone

Least Affordable - Philippines

Apple fans living in the Philippines will have to work an average of 775 hours to earn enough money to buy the iPhone 13 - that’s roughly 97 days (or more than 3 months) before we even account for living costs.

Including taxes, the iPhone 13 will cost $1,025 in the Philippines, that's $149 (17%) more than for the same phone in the U.S.

Most Affordable - Switzerland

With an average annual salary of $79,270, people living in Switzerland would need less than a week of work (34 hours) to buy the latest iPhone.

While having one of the world’s largest median annual salaries, Switzerland also ranks in the top 10 for countries that pay the least for the iPhone 13.

Most Expensive - Brazil

At $1,449, Brazil has the world’s most expensive iPhone 13. People in Brazil will pay $572 more than those in the U.S - that’s a premium of 65.2%.

People earning an average salary would need to work 690.5 hours to earn enough to buy the new iPhone - that’s roughly 86 days, or 2.8 months.

Least Expensive - Hong Kong

Apple users in Hong Kong will see the least expensive iPhone 13, with the 128GB option starting at $874. While some people in the U.S will be able to upgrade for less as a result of lower local taxes($829), the average price across the country as a whole is slightly more expensive at $877.

Someone earning the average salary in Hong Kong will earn the equivalent of the cost of an iPhone 13 in 62 hours or 7.7 working days.

The number of hours you'll need to work to afford an iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max around the world 

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Using the median monthly salary by country (OurWorldInData, Numbeo) we calculated the daily earnings.

All calculations assume a typical 8 hour day. 

iPhone prices sourced directly from the Apple website and are for entry-level models.

Prices are inclusive of taxes. For the U.S and Canada where taxes vary by state/province, we used the average of the highest and lowest rate to find a national average.

Currency conversion using Google. Correct as of 16/09.

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