Wileyfox Spark black

Security-focused Cyanogen OS

Dual 8-megapixel cameras

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The Wileyfox Spark has a great design and feels sturdy in the hand and the slightly rubberised back makes it easy to grip. The bright 5-inch HD display is fantastic for web browsing over superfast 4G or exploring the many features of the Cyanogen OS. This is an Android-based OS with enhanced security and safety features to keep everything secure and there are lots of customisation options to truly personalise the phone to you. Whether you want to snap your surroundings or a selfie the phone has an 8-megapixel camera on both side so you always get a good image. The Wileyfox Spark has a microSD card slot for adding more memory and the dual-SIM function allows you to choose two different price plans to manage costs effectively..