Sony Xperia X Compact blue

  • 4.6” HD display
  • Loop Surface design
  • Power button integrated fingerprint scanner
  • 23MP camera with Laser Autofocus
  • Inteligent Battery Care system 
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Xperia X Compact blue
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The Sony Xperia X Compact has many of the same features of the top flagship phones all contained within a compact sleek shell. The phone has a 4.6-inch display and a hexacore processor to ensure a great performance when running apps on the Android 6.0 OS and there is a microSD card for boosting the on board memory. The superb camera on the rear has a 23-megapixel resolution and includes special technology to capture blur-free photos even if your subject is moving. There is 4G and Wi-Fi to get online and NFC, GPS and Bluetooth are also on board and when you want to capture a selfie the 5-megapixel camera on the front ensures great results.