Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 peach

  • 16MP front and rear cameras
  • Metal frame
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • S-Voice
  • Octacore processor
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Galaxy A5 2017 peach
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Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 peach

500 mins

Unlimited texts

2GB data

iD Mobile

£17.99 per month


Galaxy A5 2017 peach
iD Mobile
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Powered by Android 6.0, the Samsung Galaxy A5 delivers plenty of apps and has access to both the Google Play Store and Samsung Apps Store. This compact phone has a 5.2 inch display and an octacore processor for seamless and fast performance when running demanding or multiple apps..

The 16MP camera lens has been included on both the front and rear of the phone so whether you are snapping a selfie or capturing the world around you the results will be detailed and clear. The Galaxy A5  includes GPS, fingerprint security, S-Voice, an expandable 32GB memory and NFC and 4G .