Nokia 3310 (2017) azure blue

  • Iconic design
  • Snake game now in colour
  • Long battery life
  • MP3 player
  • 2MP camera
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3310 (2017) azure blue
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The Nokia 3310 was loved by everyone and now it's back with new and improved features which fans of the original will really enjoy. The iconic design remains with a new colour display and a well-spaced alphanumeric keypad and the colour screen is excellent even in bright sunlight. This latest Nokia 3310 now comes with web browsing and you can enjoy music on the radio or MP3 player. There is a 2-megapixel camera on board for taking and sharing photos and the battery offers up an impressive usage time and a standby time of a month. The classic Snake game is on board but this time it's in colour so you can enjoy the game you used to play for hours in a new way.