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HTC completely transformed the Android scene with its HTC One flagship. One of the first Android smartphones to offer an all aluminium body, the One looks every bit the premium smartphone it claims to be.

 Beneath the beautifully elegant metal shell- which is available in silver, black, gold red and blue- the HTC One houses an impressive set of specs. From a quad-core 1.7GHz processor and 2GB RAM, to a mighty 2300mAh battery which will keep you going for hours.

What really makes the HTC One stand out from the crowd is its camera. Rather than packing in megapixels, HTC has instead given you the world’s first UltraPixel camera. This special lens lets in 300% more light than your usual smartphone camera, meaning your snapshots are clearer, brighter and much more detailed.

Plus, with HTC Zoe on board the One, you can take your photos to a whole other level, creating automatically generated highlight videos of all your best moments. The phone also offers a whole range of additional camera modes, from HDR and panorama to continuous shooting and Smile Capture, which makes the camera more like your traditional point and shoot device than a smartphone.

And with an additional 2 megapixel front facing camera, you won’t be left out of the latest selfie craze either!

If you’re more of a music fan, then the HTC One certainly won’t disappoint. With dual-frontal speakers stuffed with BoomSound technology, the One offers crystal clear audio which doesn’t get muffled like with so many other smartphones with speakers donning the rear-side of the handset.

If you’re comparing the HTC One to its Android counterparts, you’ll also notice that its user interface looks totally different. Sporting HTC’s infamous BlinkFeed, a live feed which displays articles, social media posts and photos, the user experience on the One is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

BlinkFeed essentially means that you never have to leave the home screen to access your most used apps and functions. Want to like your mate’s Facebook status? Use BlinkFeed! Fancy catching up on the latest sports news? It’s on BlinkFeed! You get the drift…

And for all multimedia and TV fans, the HTC One could be your perfect companion. Digging up that ye olde invention infra red, the One doubles up as a television remote, allowing you to ditch the thousands of controls usually found stuck down the back of the sofa.

The One’s TV app, Sense TV, goes much further than just changing your channels, though.  Users can choose their favourite programmes to watch, allowing the brains of the phone to get to work to remind you whenever the next episode of Family Guy or Eastenders is on.

So if a top quality, super powerful smartphone with features that are different from all the rest is what you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with the HTC One.