Pixel 4a

Google’s new affordable version of the Pixel 4 is coming- here’s everything we know

Thanks to a series of industry leaks, we know more about what Google’s new Pixel 4a phone will look like than many other upcoming models. Like last year’s Pixel 3a, it’s a more affordable version of the flagship Pixel phone – offering many of the same features for a lower price. A few of the technical specs are still a mystery, but we should know more as the release date approaches.

There are still a few months to go before the Pixel 4a hits the shelves – but until then, here’s what we know.

At a glance

Display Display 5.81 inch OLED display
Resolution 1080p
Front Camera 8MP
Rear Camera 12.2MP
Storage Unknown
Memory Unknown
Battery Unknown
Price £399

Availability and price

We expect the release date for the Pixel 4a to be around May 2020 – the phone industry tends to work in year-long cycles, and Google’s last mid-range phone was revealed in May last year. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak in China, Google has shifted its manufacturing to Vietnam – and this could lead to some disruption. We’ll have to wait and see if this means the Pixel 4a will hit the shelves a little later in the year.

The Pixel 3a sold for £399, rising to £469 for the XL version. The next generation should go for about the same price – especially if Google wants to replicate its high sales for the last version.

Design and display

According to leaked renders, the Pixel 4a will have slimmed-down bezels, and won’t feature a notch. Instead, there’ll be a punch hole for the front-facing camera – a first for a Pixel phone.

It’s not quite clear yet exactly how big the Pixel 4a’s screen will be, but according to some insiders, it’s likely to be slightly bigger than the 3a and the flagship Pixel 4 at 5.81 inches.

Camera and features

One of the features that made the Pixel 3a so popular was that it offered the same powerful camera as the flagship Pixel 3 at a much lower price. Sadly, it looks like this won’t be repeated for the Pixel 4a. While the Pixel 4 features two lenses – a 12.2MP primary camera and a 16MP tele-lens – leaked renders for the Pixel 4a indicate that it’ll only feature one rear camera.

Chances are it also won’t include some of the Pixel 4’s features, such as Motion Sense and Face Unlock. However, losing some of these frills should help keep the price down.

There are still some nifty extras, though – for instance, it’s possible that the Pixel 4a will feature a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, so you can unlock your phone simply by picking it up.

Tech specs

It’s not yet clear exactly what tech will be going inside the Pixel 4a – but there are some clues. Leaked Google documents seem to indicate that the phone will come in three versions – one using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 mobile platform, and two using the less powerful Snapdragon 765. It’s also been rumoured that one of the variants might also be compatible with the 5G standard.