Google Pixel 32GB blue

  • 5-inch retina display
  • 12-megapixel camera
  • 32/128GB Storage
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Pixel 32GB blue
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The Google Pixel delivers the Android experience in its purest form with Android 7.1 OS on board and all of the very latest apps and features. The handset has Google Assistant on board so you can use simple voice commands to get directions, find nearest restaurants, complete tasks and much much more. The Assistant also works with the Allo app which is a chat platform where you can send stickers and use Smart Reply to select from some auto-generated responses making chat even quicker. 

The Pixel has a 12.3-megapixel camera on the back so you can capture beautiful photos and video clips and Google Photos will automatically back-up and organise your images so your phone storage is kept free for apps, music and other files. The front facing 8-megapixel camera works with Google Duo, the new simplified video calling app and 4G Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC ensure you have all the connection options you could need. There is a USB Type-C charging cable included so you can get up to 7 hours of usage from a quick 15 minute charge and the fingerprint sensor adds extra security to the device.