Doro PhoneEasy 6520 red

  • Flip phone
  • Assistance button
  • ICE
  • Daily reminder
  • Hearing aid compatible
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PhoneEasy 6520 red
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Doro PhoneEasy 6520 red

1000 mins

5000 texts

10GB data

iD Mobile

£25.99 per month


PhoneEasy 6520 red
iD Mobile
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The PhoneEasy 6520 from Doro is a phone designed for vulnerable people, including the elderly. An assistance button is built-in along with hearing aid compatibility and display modes for visually impaired users.

The 2.8” display can be used to browse the internet, read or write emails or work as the viewfinder for the 2MP camera. Further helpful features includes a soft body that is easy to grip and a start up wizard.