Apple iPhone 5s 16GB silver

  • 4-inch retina display
  • 8-megapixel camera
  • 16/32/64GB Storage
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iPhone 5s 16GB silver
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Despite launching in 2013, the iPhone 5s remains one of Apple's popular models. With a 4" screen, Touch ID and lengthy battery life, this is a compact yet powerful handset. If your heart is set on owning an iPhone, the 5s is your cheapest bet. iPhone 5s deals are among the most competitive on the market with tariffs starting from as little as £11 per month.

With the high quality feel you've come to expect from Apple, the iPhone 5s is the ideal smartphone for people who aren't fans of massive slab-sized handsets. Available in premium-looking gold, space grey or silver, the iPhone 5s is the epitome of style with its sleek 7.6mm body and oleophobic coating, which keeps your paintwork looking fresh.

The device offers a number of world firsts, including Apple’s infamous Touch ID. With smartphone security becoming big business, Touch ID offers the ultimate solution when it comes to keeping your iPhone safe. Users can make the most of its built-in fingerprint scanning technology to unlock the device, as well as to make purchases from iTunes or the App Store.

Under the hood Apple has included its new M7 motion co-processor chip, which collects data even when the phone is asleep, the iPhone 5s is able to ascertain whether you’re walking, driving, or sleeping. Apple have also upgraded the iPhone 5s to feature a 64bit A7 chip, which delivers up to two times more power than the iPhone 5. All of this, in practice, means that, for a small handset, the iPhone 5s sure is mighty.

Although Apple has kept the megapixel count of the iPhone 5s the same as the iPhone 5, the device’s rear facing lens boasts a 15% larger sensor and wider aperture, which makes for impeccable photos every time. And with Apple’s True Tone flash, you can banish those washed out over-exposed images in low lit situations. Also, if you’re an avid Instagram fan, the iPhone 5s camera offers a square mode, allowing you to capture the perfectly-sized photos especially for the world’s most popular photo editing app.

Other features that the iPhone 5s boasts include Air Drop, Apple’s file sharing feature made popular on its Mac laptops. Similar to Bluetooth, Air Drops allows users to share files, photos and videos between iPhone users within seconds. Plus, with Siri, the iPhone’s voice assistant, and Facetime, Apple’s very own version of Skype, you've got an all-round smartphone which offers everything that its Android counterparts don't.