Apple iPhone 5s 16GB grey

  • 4-inch retina display
  • 8-megapixel camera
  • 16/32/64GB Storage
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iPhone 5s 16GB grey
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Ever the innovator, Apple stunned the world yet again by releasing the iPhone 5s back in 2013, mixing intuitive design with a brand new operating system and smart features. Simply put, the iPhone 5s is one of Apple’s greatest creations yet, giving smartphone users a truly immersive experience with their smartphone.

Holding firm with Apple’s ever consistent sense of style, the iPhone 5s looks beautiful from every conceivable angle, definitely giving Apple lovers something to drool over.

Sporting a premium metal casing on the back side of the handset, the iPhone 5s not only looks great, but feels brilliantly constructed as well.

The 4-inch display covers the majority of the front side of the handset, and doesn’t disappoint, despite its diminutive size compared to its Android counterparts on the market.

The ever-present home button finishes the design off, and this time packs a tremendous piece of kit to help users stay aboard the Apple boat. TouchID is what we’re talking about here: built into the home button, it allows users to register their fingerprints on the handset and unlock their phone without requiring a passcode. This has echoed in a new era of technology on the smartphone market, with several other manufacturers -including Samsung- following suit after the 5s’s release.

Heading into the handset, Apple has given us yet another piece of technological brilliance by improving its internal components, offering a ludicrously speedy phone. 16GB of internal storage space gives users plenty of room to store your music and pictures on the handset, keeping your entertainment needs sorted.

It isn’t just the latest hardware you’ll be getting with the iPhone 5s though; Apple has included its very own iOS 7software, keeping the user experience inside as fresh as the phone is on the outside.

If you’re a photo fan then the iPhone 5s could well be your ideal companion, packing an 8 megapixel lens on its back side which is ideal for any situation. Whilst other handsets might look more powerful on paper, the iPhone 5s’ modest lens punches well above its weight and is capable of producing some astonishing pictures, especially with the help of its True tone flash. A 1.2 megapixel lens offers a great way to make video calls and handle all of your selfie snapping needs as well.

From top to bottom, you really do get the full package from the iPhone 5s, boasting incredible specs, a top-notch camera and plenty of user-friendly features. If you’re looking to invest in a flagship smartphone that will keep on giving year on year, you could definitely do a lot worse than the iPhone 5s.