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Compare Apple iPhone 5 16GB White deals

Compare iPhone 5 16GB White deals

The latest iPhone from Apple is the thinnest, fastest and lightest iPhone yet and the phone is made completely from aluminium and glass giving it a super cool look. The phone only weighs 112 grams and is very slim at only 7.6mm thick.

The iPhone 5 also has the largest display compared to previous models and the 4-inch Retina display is visually stunning with the longer screen length allowing for another row of icons on the homescreen. The iOS 6 on board delivers improved usability and many of the top apps have been optimised to work with the longer screen such as iWorks, iPhoto and Garageband. The updated operating system also features a new 3D maps app with flyover effects, turn-by-turn directions using Siri and 3D image modes. Siri has also been updated with even more information and now you can update your Facebook status simply by talking to Siri.

The iPhone 5 has the super powerful quad-core A6 chip on board and this latest processor delivers 2 x graphics and 2x faster performance. The camera has a resolution of 8-megapixels and includes a hybrid IR filter, a sapphire crystal that improves clarity and f/2.4 aperture lens as well as a panorama mode that combines multiple images to create one fantastic 28-megapixel photo.

The iPhone 5 is bursting with connection options ranging from 3.5G, Wi-Fi and GPS to Ultrafast wireless and 4G LTE for use with superfast mobile internet.