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iPhone 4s 64GB white
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The iPhone 4s is the most advanced iPhone with amazing new features and a beautifully crafted design. The main improvements to this latest iPhone include a dual-core A5 chip (as seen in the iPad), improved camera resolution and a whole host of new apps. Siri is one of these innovative new apps and this digital assistant will carry out tasks for you, read and write emails and set reminders all you need to do is talk to your iPhone and Siri does as asked.

The amazing camera has a resolution of 8-megapixels and a wider f2.4 aperture as well as an improved illumination sensor for amazing photographic results and fantastic HD video clips. The latest iOS 5 (upgradeable to iOS7) is on board and offers up over 200 new features and the powerful dual-core A5 processor ensures everything glides along effortlessly. All of these amazing features and more can be enjoyed on the fantastic Retina display that boasts the highest resolution of any phone screen ever made. Other features include Wi-Fi, Airplay Mirroring, 3.5G and GPS with digital compass.