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iPhone 4s 32GB black
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The Apple iPhone 4s 32GB in black is one of the most popular and critically lauded smart phones on the market today, selling millions in its first week of availability and continuing to be a mainstay of the mobile industry against which all other handsets are measured.

The iPhone 4s retains the 3.5-inch Retina Display originally added for the iPhone 4. It also sticks with the effortlessly appealing glass and metal chassis which makes it look just as attractive as previous versions.

Onboard you will find the updated A5 CPU which has two physical cores for impressive performance boosts and even better gaming credentials. An eight-megapixel camera with full HD 1080p video capture found on the rear shows that Apple is really taking photography seriously with this model.

One of the most notable new features introduced by the iPhone 4s 32GB in black is Siri, a voice-activated and controlled digital assistant software program. It is able to respond to your voice and perform a number of impressive functions without requiring that you type in a single sentence manually.

Siri can book in appointments and business meetings so that your calendar is always up to date. You can also dictate a message to send in a text to your contacts, write a tweet or conduct a location-based search for businesses which are in your vicinity.

With 32GB of storage space, this iPhone will be able to take on plenty of apps and media files without becoming full and it remains part of a must-have smart-phone range which will surely turn heads.