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A crafty veteran of the smartphone market, the iPhone 4s is still one of the highest selling and most commonly seen smartphones on the market. And, coming from the genius that is Apple, you definitely won’t be disappointed by the iPhone 4s’s power or style.

Apple has created an iconic design with the iPhone 4s, featuring a beautiful glass front and back side, coupled with a stunning metal trim which sits around the entire edge of the handset. The iPhone 4s is designed to sit in your hand perfectly, and thanks to its 3.5-inch display, it achieves this flawlessly.

Behind the beautiful casing, the iPhone runs on the iOS 7.1 operating system, making it one of the most up to date pieces of kit on the market. Apple has made the system incredibly easy to use, whilst still offering hundreds of different features for users to get to grips with. iOS 7.1 features Siri, Apple’s personal assistant that works through the power of your voice alone. So, if your hands are too busy- or lazy- to type, let Siri come to the rescue!

Using the iCloud, the online storage system, the iPhone 4s lets you seamlessly transfer pictures, videos and documents between multiple Apple devices. If you have an iPad or a Mac then the iPhone 4s could be your ideal companion, allowing you to move seamlessly between the two.

The iPhone 4s has also aged beautifully on the smartphone market, still packing a powerful punch behind the scenes. Its manageable 3.5-inch screen is ideal for one handed use, something that can’t be said of other more recent smartphones, and with 16GB of internal storage, you can easily stockpile all of your music and pictures on your phone without fuss.

If photography is your thing, then the iPhone 4s won’t let you down with its brilliant camera. Packing in 8 megapixels, more than enough for high quality printing standards, the iPhone 4s can capture vivid and realistic snaps with minimal effort. High definition video recording is also a staple feature on the 4s, with the front facing camera satisfying all you selfies addicts out there too!

It doesn’t stop there though: once you’ve found the perfect picture or video, you can share it with all of your friends and family using one of the many thousand apps available on for the iPhone 4s. And whether you want to send snaps, messages or play games, you’ll be sure that there’s an app for it.

The iPhone 4s is arguably the phone of a generation, mixing beautiful design, supreme power and user-friendly software superbly. It’s quickly become an affordable smartphone too, making it an absolute steal if you can find the right tariff that suits your lifestyle.